Batch Centrifugal

The Silver Weibull Batch Centrifugal can be delivered either in Battery or Stand Alone configuration. The standard unit is equipped with AC/PWM (IGBT) electrical drive. Controls are state of the art PLC to allow complete centrifugal operation and flexibility in centrifugal sequencing to assure peak efficiencies during all modes of operation.


Batch Centrifugal
–  stand alone or battery

Silver Weibull sales department will help you compose the correct size and capacity of batch centrifugal equipped with accordingly accessoirs in correspondance to the customers production requirements.


Charging capacity

Silver Weibull batch centrifugals are designed after their Geometric charging capacity. Practical charging capacity can be around 10% higher depending on massecuite properties.

Special features

This page shows some of the important features such as unique user-friendly controls and very low maintenance needs.



Automatic control of main gate in 10 steps:    

  • Constant average charging time and thus constant massecuite flow.
  • Maximum utilisation of basket capacity.
  • Maximum safety against overcharging.
  • Minimum wash water consumption.
  • Maintenance free main gate control system.

Optimised spray pattern and direction:

  • Minimised influence on wash spray by air turbulence
  • Overlapping spray nozzles ensure uniform spray

Low wash water pressure:

  • No splashing against sugar surface
  • Low water flow rate
  • Possibility to use other wash medias like steam, thin juice etc. by adjusting the pressure


 12″ Touch Panel

Rigid design:

  • Maximum reliability

Limited blade height:

  • Small horizontal forces make centring device unnecessary

Patented Dual Tip:

  • 100% clean screen even at lock lap junction independent of sugar properties
  • Self adjusting due to sugar collected in the dual tip and fills the gap between the tip and the screen
  • Minimum wear on screens
  • Minimum impact from plough blade on screens
  • Minimum screen wash
All the SW batch centrifugals are equipped with 12” touch operations panel.
The SW batch centrifugal is most likely the most user friendly machine in the world.
The touch panel where all functions and information are reached by selecting different screens.
If the area where the function or text is placed is pressed the selected function is displayed on the screen.
When a push button is pressed or a function is active the push button or function text area change colour.


Examples of Optional Equipment

  • Feeder Mixer
  • Sugar Trough
  • Tools
  • Syrup Separator
  • Syrup Injection System
  • Double Massecuite Inlet
  • Second Wash Valve
  • Wash of Inlet and Plough Blade

Dimensions Centrifugal Stand Alone

R*   Rubber Membrane Bottom Cover
P**  Plate Cone Bottom Cover

Dimensions Centrifugal Battery

R*   Rubber Membrane Bottom Cover
P**  Plate Cone Bottom Cover

Energy and Cost savings

Low total installation cost

Reduced maintenance long service life

Rigid dimensions
Stainless steel accessories
SKF long life bearing system
Access to spare parts and service

Low operating cost and high production

Patented plough blade tip = clean screen and long screen life
Controlled charging = always full basket
Optimum process control

Excellent running quality and stability

Optimum geometry gives very high stability
Balanced massecuite distribution = Vertical wall

Low energy consumption

PWM Drive technology
Optimised wash system = Low sugar losses
Advanced computer control and sequencing of centrifugals

Documents & Videos

Batch stand alone

Batch battery




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