Continuous centrifugal

Silver Weibull continuous centrifugal offers lower cost per ton sugar produced due to high efficiency, low energy consumption and low maintenance cost.


Enclosed inlet with silvortex heater
Multistep massecuite distribution
Duplex ss basket
Unique basket flange design
Long life bearing system
Low stress belt drive
Common basket and syrup casing suspension

Capacity up to 70 metric ton massecuite/h.
Everything included, no hidden cost

New Continuous DX!

Continuous DX is a new member in the Silver Weibull product range. The DX require less space replacing old smaller with new larger centrifugal.
Vibration damper on outside monitor casing for easier maintenance

Special features

 Working with high quality material and unique design is of greatest importance and will reflect on safety, service life, maintenance and reliabitliy.

Massecuite feeding system

 Sugar discharge from basket

Sight glass
Silvortex heater
Feed cup on top of bearing system
Deep bell
Butterfly control valve
Profiled screen clamp ring

Unique basket flange
Crystal deflector

The crystals leave the flange at the flange inner radius which gives lowest crystal speed:  – Minimum crystal damage – Minimum energy loss
No crystal built up in the monitor casing and no wear of the casing wall

Drive system

Wash system

Poly V drive belts
Drive motor mounted on bracket
Taper Lock pulley bushings

Complete delivery including flow meter, control valves, hoses etc

Automatic shut off ball valves
Affination media system with flow
meter etc

Bearing system with belt pulley

Syrup casing and rubber mounts

Heavy dimensioned bearing system
Long distance between bearings
Oil mist lubrification
Bearing status sensor for lower bearing
Basket CG below upper bearing

Very long service life
Strong and stiff suspension of the basket
Over pressure in bearing house, cooling effect and effective lubrication
Easy to check bearing status without dismantling
Highest stability of basket

Unique geometry of the syrup deflector at basket shroud
Filler pad under syrup casing
Symmetrically placed rubber mounts
Shell and deflector in stainless steel


Continuous Centrifugals with feeder mixer, horizontal inlet and affination trough

Examples of Optional Equipment

  • Automatic feed control
  • Internal magma mixing
  • Internal melting
  • Automatic chut off ball valves
  • Affination media system with flow meter
  • Second Wash Valve
  • Wash of Inlet and Plough Blade

Dimensions Continous Centrifugal

Energy and Cost savings

Lowest maintenance cost

Duplex stainless steel basket, shroud ring and bell
Inlet, wash pipe, sugar deflector etc. in stainless steel
Long life bearing system with oil mist lubrification
Long life power band drive belt
Non contact sealing system of ”cyclon” principle between basket sealing ring and syrup casing.

Highest production

Effective massecuite distribution system gives perfect coverage of screen
Water and steam addition in inlet

Lowest energy consumption

Enclosed inlet, no ”fan effect” by the basket
Edge on basket for early sugar discharge
Many big filter holes in basket for quick syrup evacuation

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Batch stand alone

Batch battery




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